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The Origin Story

Initially, I created the first version of Tinyinvoice for my dad. He was using Excel invoice template, creating a new file for each invoice. Every time something went wrong with this invoicing setup, he called me for IT-support. 😢☎️

After a very long phone call, I decided to build a super-simple invoicing application. No more 24h helpdesk. Once the first version was ready, I showed it to my dad. It turns out; he didn't want to give up his Excel invoicing. He was too familiar with it, and the cost of switching was too high. I didn't want to throw everything away, so I launched Tinyinvoice in 2014. 🚀👍

In the year 2014 nothing happened. Nobody used Tinyinvoice. It was sitting on the edges of the internet, collecting dust. The year 2015 was quiet as well. There were no visitors. 😞

But the year 2016 things got exciting! Tinyinvoice started to get visitors! They were creating invoices, so there are people on the internet who find Tinyinvoice useful! Awesome! 😃

So, here we are in 2018, and Tinyinvoice is still alive and kicking! My dad didn't turn into a Tinyinvoice user despite my very compelling sales pitch. It's ok since there are people who use Tinyinvoice on a daily basis to do their invoicing.

Tinyinvoice is a super-simple invoicing application for small businesses

That is the vision. Countless invoicing applications have an astounding number of features. They have all the bells and whistles. And they are far from being simple and easy to use. Tinyinvoice might be the invoicing application that you have been looking for.

Anyways, feel free to look around! Maybe even write an invoice or two... 😉

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